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The Plan of Salvation Through Floral Symbolism

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Title: The Plan of Salvation Through Floral Symbolism

Artist Statement- Printed at the bottom of the piece:

The plan of salvation through floral symbolism.

🌱1. white lily - a symbol of Christ who we knew and lived with before this life in the premortal world. ⁣

🌸2. forget-me-not flowers - when we left Christ's presence, we promised to remember the Lord as we passed through the veil of forgetfulness. although we may not remember this, our spirit does. ⁣

🌞 3. lotus flowers are rooted in murky water, while each morning, the flower reblooms above the mud - symbolizing our life here rooted on Earth while each day, our Spirit reaches for the sun, or Son⁣

🥀4. poppies have long been used as a symbol of sleep, peace, and death. although our bodies die, our spirits are welcomed back home into our heavenly home ⁣

🌺5. hibiscus flower - a symbol of spirit paradise - the place in which the righteous spirits who have departed from this life await the resurrection of the body. It is a condition of happiness and peace in Christ ⁣

🦊6. foxglove - a poisonous flower - a symbol of spirit prison - a temporary place in the postmortal world for those who died without a knowledge of the truth or those who were disobedient in mortality ⁣

🌼7. daffodil - a flower that comes to life each spring- a symbol of Christ's miraculous gift to us that our spirits will reunite with our perfected body after which all be judged by God, through Jesus Christ, to determine the eternal glory he will receive ⁣

🌻8. sunflower - a symbol of the celestial kingdom - where one is in the presence of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. the glory of the celestial kingdom is compared to the glory of the sun in the scriptures.⁣

🌝9. moonflower - the middle degree or kingdom of the three degrees of glory in heaven. In the scriptures, the glory of the terrestrial kingdom is compared to the glory of the moon. those who inherit terrestrial glory will “receive of the presence of the Son, but not of the fulness of light ⁣

🌟10. starflower - a symbol of the telestial kingdom. telestial glory will be reserved for individuals who “received not the gospel of Christ, neither the testimony of Jesus.” it is compared to the glory of the stars in the scriptures"

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