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Drawing Compass- The Fixed Foot and the Searching Foot Analogy

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Title: Drawing Compass- The Fixed Foot and the Searching Foot Analogy

Artist Statement, printed and included in your order:

The drawing compass has two ends, one which is fixed at the center of the circle, and the other which is extended, and the further it goes out the bigger the circle that can be drawn.  

We likewise have a “spiritual compass” which has two “feet”- the “fixed foot” in the center and the “searching foot”. 

We must first find where to plant this fixed foot. It took time to realize I wasn’t trying to find the one true church among all the false ones but to find the place where truth and goodness and beauty had reached their most mature form. That's where I want to plant my fixed foot. 

What will we do with the searching foot?  Unfortunately, too many religions and cultures do little with it, believing that their own particular fixed position contains the essential and only believable truth, goodness, and beauty. 

They draw a tiny circle surrounding their own position and feel comfortable with life. 

Truth is too grand to be found in such small dimensions. Our Parents in Heaven are light-giving Gods and dispense it as widely as the stars. 

I suppose the founder of our religion said it best, “receive truth, let it come from whence it may.  

Learning of other’s religions and cultures only expands our hearts and doesn’t take away from that which already believe. I believe God anticipates that as Latter-day Saints we will circumscribe the largest circle we can. 

This write-up is a summary of a podcast titled “God’s Many Voices” by Michael Wilcox found on the Faith Matters Podcast.

Find the Podcast Episode Here


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