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Faith Deconstruction

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Title: Faith Deconstruction

Artist Statement, printed out and included in your order:

I once looked at the fruit I was holding and found

 it looked completely different than I remembered. 

I almost threw it out of shock. Was this the same 

fruit I held in my youth?

Surely it was, but the lighting had changed and 

suddenly I could see in the shadows. 

There were bruises, scrapes and scratches. 

Like this fruit had a history I was entirely unaware of.

 I wasn’t ready to take a bite yet, it still felt unfamiliar. 

But I wasn’t ready to drop it either. After all, she had

 fed me for so many years. 

So I held her in my hand, looking at her 

curiously. Learning more of her day by day. 

Printed on #100 matte
Paper thickness: 10.3 mil
Giclée printing quality
All prints fit into standard frames

Shipping: Typical turn-around time is 7-14 business days. The most common turnaround time for orders to ship is 2-5 days.

Each print is safely packaged in a sealed clear plastic sleeve
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