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Seeking the Eternal

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Title: Seeking the Eternal

Artist Statement: 

The following is an excerpt from a blog post Carly made for this painting in 2021:

I used to have a yellow and green blanket I would take everywhere. I called it my “Lellow blankie” I don’t know what happened to it honestly, but it was one of those things that if I forgot it somewhere, the end of the world would soon commence.

If someone gave me that blanket today in an attempt to comfort me, I would be like, “That’s sweet… but an old gross blanket isn’t going to solve my problem” Because what comforted me when I was a child doesn’t work for me as an adult.

I feel this way with my faith as well. There were certain truths and talks and words I would come back to again and again, and as I grow older I realize that those aren’t as magically comforting as they once were.
I miss the moments of distress when a blanket could take away all my worries, and in the same way I miss my blankets of comfort in the gospel.

Alas, I’m an adult now and have been needing to dig deeper into contradiction and conflict. It’s a little bit colder and not as cozy, but I’m older now and need to find comfort much much deeper deeper into my soul. I need to get the warmth from within, and not rely on an external blanket.

Gone are the days when I could rely on childish beliefs. It is now required of me to research, study, and hyper reflect on what I want for my future and my children. Today, as I study more and dig deeper, I will try to keep my focus on the eternal and not get too weighed down by history and policy that I don’t understand.


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