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The Seal of Melchizedek Temple symbols Pt. 1/3

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Artist Statement:

P.1 of my mini series “The Lost Language of Symbolism” inspired by Alonzo Gaskill’s book. ⁣

Slowly I’ve been researching and painting temple symbols and am excited to try and teach a bit about them in upcoming posts. ⁣

I want to begin with one that I have found VERY interesting. ⁣ “The Seal Of Melchizedek” as painted above. ⁣

Let me try to simplify this for you. Because it’s COMPLICATED. ⁣

-the symbol is of two interlocking squares and sometimes includes a circle inside. ⁣

-Many interpret this symbol to represent Melchizedek, and in turn, higher priesthood power. ⁣

-this symbol is seen on many ancient murals in which Melchizedek is present. ⁣

-but how do we know that this seal represents Melchizedek?⁣

-SPOILER ALERT: it kind of.. well....doesn’t! At least anciently it doesn’t. ⁣

-The symbol was first mistakenly named “The Seal Of Melchizedek” in a book written by a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in 1992. ⁣

-After the publishing of this book, members of the church quickly adopted this symbol as “The Seal of Melchzidech”⁣

-Years later, scholars agree that this symbol has no ancient relation to Melchizedek. ⁣


-Although the symbol is not connected to Melchizedek, it IS seen on the fabric of the alter in ancient mosaics. So we can assume it is a symbol of Christ’s sacrifice. ⁣

-it is an 8 pointed star⁣

-The combination of the number 8 (a symbol we have shown to be closely linked to Christ) and the symbolism of a star (also strongly tied in scripture to Jesus) suggests that the eight-pointed star is most likely a representation of the Savior. ⁣

-It appears in all cases to be Christocentric rather than Melchizedek-centric.⁣

-MY POINT- as a culture we literally made up our own symbol. But guess what. THAT is the beauty of symbolism. To be continued.... ⁣

Read a more detailed article titled, “The Seal Of Melchizedek” on

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