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Connecting with Heaven - Original Acrylic painting

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Connecting with Heaven - 10x40 inches - acrylic on board

I showed my cousin who lost her little boy this piece and she responded that it feels so relatable. You try to hold onto every memory, smell, moment. You grip on so tightly but the string is so thin. You wish it was a rope so that you could yank them back down into your arms, but unfortunately heaven doesn't allow that. Nonetheless heaven does allow a thin connection and I believe your angel is there reaching down for you trying to bring you up to heaven to help you think on a higher plane. 

I am one who deeply believes in spirits beyond this world. Whenever I question my existence and even the existence of God, I remember the moments I have felt inspiration whispered in my ear by ancestors. I remember a sacred experience 5 years ago when I heard laughing and giggles surrounding me. I couldn’t hear it with my ears but with my heart. I’m not sure how I knew this, but I knew I was surrounded by my future children.  I felt that they were teenagers and knew I was being given a flash of my future. We were having so much fun in this moment and I got the impression, “You haven’t even met your best friends on earth yet.” and I knew that audible vision was a gift from them to their mom and there was that thin string again. I so believe in that string. 

My husband built this beautiful frame. I’ll be honest, it took him a long long time. He’s gotten faster at them since, and I love that my work of art is becoming our work of art.