“Abstract Christ” 8x10 original Acrylic painting

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8x10 original acrylic painting on board with custom pine frame. 

I once knew your face,
Dear Lord.
A white, blue eyed man who looked like me.
But now
I’m learning of a history
Of a brown skinned, middle Eastern Jew.
And I realize that the image of you
is no longer what I’ve learned to be true
And the face I know is the face I knew
So I sit here painting
Frantically searching
Im struggle to see your real face.
I’m guessing, I’m trying.
And It comes out abstract.
My brush finds your eyes for a moment
But I lose them.
Layer upon layer I find you. I lose you.
And it mirrors my relationship of learning of you anew.
My brother
a middle Eastern Jew.

This is just a stream of consciousness that I had while painting this and trying to reinvent my understanding of Christ. Idk.